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Physician’s Plasma Alliance (PPA) is a provider of normal and disease state blood products, biological specimens and related Products & Services to disease researchers worldwide. We are offering compensation to Blood Donors/Patients and Physicians to help advance this research through paid research studies.

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Get Paid to Donate Plasma!

Did you know that people who are sick or have been diagnosed with certain diseases can get paid to donate plasma for medical research? We help connect patients with specific medical conditions with research programs that are looking for patients and donors!

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Paid Clinical Research Studies for Health Care Providers

Physicians, nurses and other health care providers can act as Clinical Trial Investigators for paid clinical research studies. The Physician’s Plasma Alliance (PPA) specimen collection study is one of the easiest to manage clinical research studies available anywhere to health care providers. As a health care provider, you can get involved and benefit directly from clinical research studies!

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Products & Services

Physicians Plasma Alliance (PPA) prospectively collects normal human and disease state plasma and other biological specimens for disease researchers and in vitro diagnostics manufacturers worldwide. Our patient specimens range from small aliquots to bulk quantities, and are collected and stored under controlled conditions in a state-of-the-art facility. PPA can provide the materials you need, whatever your needs:

Blood Products

PPA has inventory and can prospectively collect blood products from specific donor types. Whether you need plasma, serum, whole blood, or other blood products, PPA can help. Contact Us with your requests, or check out our Blood Products page for additional details.

Disease State Plasma & Serum

PPA has access to an extensive physician network that can identify disease diagnosed patients with specific test results. Whether you need plasma, serum, whole blood, or other disease state blood products, PPA can help. Contact Us with your requests, or check out our Disease State Plasma & Serum page for additional details.

Patient Specimens

PPA understands the complicated needs of researchers and has developed processes that support the identification and quality-controlled collection of a variety of patient specimens for your needs. We specialize in blood products, urine, and saliva, and will consider other requests as well. Contact Us with your requests, or check out our Patient Specimens page for additional details.

Plasmapheresis & Patient Specimen Collection Services

With a new state-of-the-art facility, we can collect plasma and other blood products at whatever volumes you require. You can send PPA patients that you have identified, or we can provide the patients for you. Contact Us with your requests, or check out our Plasmapheresis & Patient Specimen Collection Services page for more details.

Biological Specimens and Disease State Plasma

Disease research requires normal and disease state blood samples, plasma, and other biological specimens from patients. These specimens are used to support the development of in vitro diagnostic test kits, treatments, vaccines and cures. Without these specimens, this research could not move forward.

Paid Research Studies

PPA provides disease researchers with the biological specimens they need by compensating blood donors, patients and physicians for their help in participating in, or referring others to participate in, paid research studies.

Through use of PPA’s plasmapheresis center, physician networks, and expertise, PPA is able to provide disease researchers with precisely the patient specimens they require to achieve their disease research goals. All studies and products are FDA-regulated to ensure only the highest quality products, and HIPAA-compliant to ensure patient and blood donor personal information is protected.


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